How was it for you?

Whilst we are naturally expressive people who are passionate about the work we do, our clients are our greatest enthusiasts. This is what some of them have to say:
“I just love what Sold Out Trainers are doing for our people. Since we met them six years ago they have become a really important part of our team. Now they have made such a positive contribution to the work we do that we have extended their brief to our offices in other parts of the world.”

– Carol Hamilton – Human Relations Director
Pearson Education

“When we need to create fresh training ideas that will address new issues within our business we ask Sold Out Trainers to work with us. They have what we have found to be a rare ability to connect with what it is we are trying to achieve and deliver – a training program that hits the nail right on the head.”

– Helen Quinlivan
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

“Sold Out Trainers – they help us with sales and other soft skills training and we would not work with anyone else. It’s just that once you find people who understand your business and what they are doing they do so well, why would you ever want to change? We consistently get great feedback about all of the courses you run for us, which is largely due to a combination of your innovative training methods and your pragmatic approach. This means that delegates remember your training and want to apply their learning when back in the office.”

– Claire Thomas – Human Relations Manager
Penguin Books

Actors and Theatre Workshops – it took a while for us to understand what they really deliver. If you are serious about the way you train your people and the outcomes you want to achieve, you really ought to ask Sold Out Trainers for a demonstration…it will simply change the way you think about training.

– Jimmy Gaffney – Training Manager
Stena Ferries