The Christmas De-Motivators

It’s a funny time of year for businesses when it comes to handling their staff festivities. Everyone knows in theory that morale boosting and motivation are important in getting the best out of their employees; it’s a topic that comes up regularly on many management training courses.

However, most companies still totally get it wrong and think that a ‘Secret Santa’ and a ‘Christmas Do’ is all you should have to do to show your employees you’re making an effort, and even then it backfires.

The Secret Santa Sadness:
A manager draws someone out of the hat, and has a nominal sum to spend. Most often, they pop out to the nearest shop and get something daft with little thought or attention given or they buy the obligatory scarf or pair of gloves. Too often it’s taken too seriously, or just an irrelevant waste of time.

Christmas Party Politics:
A Christmas party can immediately show the cultural divides in a company. Often some sections of the workforce don’t bother to turn up, not feeling welcome by senior management. The senior management don’t consider why they don’t want to be there and just assume they are being awkward or ungrateful.

Management need to realise that a token gift or some free booze doesn’t go far enough in helping their employees feel like a valuable members of the organisation.