Career Development

Many of us fall in to the trap of working day to day and adapting to the pressures and demands that the week brings. If you’re in that position, and are feeling unfulfilled in your career, then it might be time to take a look at your personal development.

A useful technique is to spend an allocated time per week, even if it’s only twenty minutes, to use your imagination and project yourself into the future. Let’s assume you reach retirement and you have to look back at your achievements and successes. What would you like your legacy to be?

By focusing on this, you’ll be able to identify not only your goals and targets, but also your core values and principles that enabled you to get there. Think big, and think best – there should be no limit to what you can imagine achieving.

From there, identify a set of desired outcomes for you to aim for and get to where you want to be. Visualise these milestones, and begin to incorporate them into your work strategy. It’s best to plan your time on a weekly instead of daily schedule, and regularly ask yourself whether what you want to achieve that week is in line with milestones that you set yourself.

Remember, this doesn’t have to be a solitary activity; you should declare your career intentions to your superiors at work, and invite management to contribute and support your personal development growth.