BETT on Technology

Technology is now an integral part of business, and its usage can provide the backbone to implementing new skills learnt on a management training course or any kind of personal development.

Last week saw the British Education and Training Technology (BETT) Exhibition at London’s Olympia centre. Its aim is to showcase a range of International and UK education technology products, practices and resources designed to assist in new learning and skills development.

The show is an annual event bringing in nearly thirty thousand visitors, and as the organisers put it ‘brings together the global teaching and learning community for four days of innovations and inspirations’.

Although much of its focus is on school education, it also provides information, resources and ideas for ICT (Information Communication Technology) heads to improve their networking and collaborative systems.

With many organisations supporting their off site training with in house packages and intranets, there were bound to be some exciting new products and applications at their disposal, exhibited at the show.

It’s also an opportunity for businesses that operate in technology markets to look at new products which they may want to distribute. One of the many new products exhibited is a GPS child finding device, not dissimilar to a wristwatch. Salesman might be interested in a smart phone which doubles as a projector.