Actors – Forum Theatre – Interactions – Learning

Through the unique skills of our actors and the process of analysing the needs of our clients, the training we create is both relevant and memorable. Actors enable the facilitation of realistic scenarios in which delegates learn by seeing and participating in scripted scenes, forum theatre and realistic role play.
Forum Theatre
Our actors are skilled in delivering either scripted or improvised scenes that are set around your business. Delegates can watch or join in either on an individual or a team basis. Any inputs the delegates make have a direct influence upon the outcomes of the forum and it this ability to correct and balance contributions in a live activity that is so tremendously influential on the learning process. Delegates act as the director of the scenes and can stop, rewind and re-focus the action. They can even change the tone of voice or an individual’s characteristics in order to see how such a variation plays out. In this way delegates can make the scene more realistic or acceptable based on their own experiences. Positive outcomes are sought, but the actors will always seek to ensure that the behaviours they are being asked to portray are realistic and not simply a means to a neat outcome. The real strength of this style of Forum Theatre is our actors’ improvisation abilities and experience in contextualising the learning experience into the delegates working environment.
Actors for in-house training
A number of companies with whom we work have their own in-house training teams, yet they understand the power of training delivered through the means of actors and well researched and imaginatively written scripts. Those companies have turned to Sold Out Trainers to work with them on building an in-house training programme. The process is quite straightforward but does take some time as we need to have a thorough understanding of your business and the issues you wish to address through the training programme that is being developed. We can become as involved in the process as you wish, from simply providing you with our well briefed actors to scoping and scripting scenarios which your own training team can manage and deliver.