Active Listening in Customer Service

Everybody’s heard of the old adage ‘the customer is always right’. However, in the ever increasingly tough environment of business today, customer care and customer relationship management is more important than ever.

That’s why organisations are sending more and more of their customer service staff on soft skills training. But what are some of the key attributes that make for quality soft skills delivery with your clients? Let’s look at one of the big ones:

Top Tip: Active Listening

Active listening involves behaviour that indicates that there is mutual understanding between the customer service representative and the client.

In many situations, people tend to spend much time formulating their own thoughts and viewpoints when listening to someone else’s comments.

A good active listener will suspend their own inner monologue and instead listen attentively, making noises and popping words into the conversation to make it clear they are following the thread of thought.

An active listener will often repeat back key information to the message giver, to ensure that the salient points have been absorbed and understood. This doesn’t mean that they have to agree with customer on everything, it’s simply a way to make sure that everything has been understood correctly.

A customer service representative that actively listens will give the client a better experience, and is likely to meet the customer’s needs more efficiently and effectively.