Training For Demanding Progressive People and Companies

The people we work with are in the main demanding national and international corporations that place enormous value on the quality of their people.

For them, staff training is not simply something that a company should do; it is an activity that is vital to the progress and profitability of their enterprise. For that reason when seeking to engage with a training company there are a number of key factors that are uppermost in their minds:

Cultural fit

Can we find a training organisation that understands and has the ability to shape training programmes that fit the culture of our business; programmes that are sympathetic to and work within our culture to deliver a truly meaningful training experience to our people?

Experiential training

We understand that experiential training takes many forms and we are excited by its potential within our business; we also know something about the unique benefits of actor delivered training in achieving this, but we need to know more. Can we engage with a training company that has the ability, experience and skills to demonstrate to us the power of experiential training and the additional energy that is delivered through actor delivered training?


We want to work with a training company in whom we can trust to maintain their standards for the lifetime of our relationship; a company that is innovative in the way it pushes us beyond what we think is exceptional. Once engaged we want our training company to be part of our team, taking ownership of delivery, yet still independent enough to be able to offer advice and innovation through their ability to look at us with a fresh pair of eyes.


Areas of our company need to change certain aspects of their culture and training will play a major part in delivering that change, but to be successful it needs to be impactful.

We want our people to feel that the training they are participating in is mind opening, challenging and individually very valuable to them. If we can provide training that our people look forward to and enthuse about afterwards then we have a catalyst for change.