A Trifecta Of Customer Service Training Topics

There are three things that all customer service teams should do. They are:

Be efficient

If everyone was efficient as possible, there would be no need for a customer service team. However no one is perfect, and thus mistakes will happen, which the customer service team are there to solve. It is important that the customer service staff strive to be as efficient as possible. The less time that is wasted and the more that is spent solving customers issues the better.

Be effective

Being effective is not the same as being efficient. Be effective means doing it as quickly as possible. Be effective mean doing it as well as possible. They are different skills, but both are essential to carry out work quickly and to a high standard.

Keep commitments

If something is agreed with a client, it is up to the customer service person to carry it out. The job does not stop when the client is off the phone, but when the problem is solved for the client. Always carry through all promises to clients, otherwise you are causing a greater problem rather than solving one.

If customer service staff are taught to concentrate on these three things, they should become goods customer service representatives.