Management Spotlight: Henry Mintzberg

Renowned author of business and management books, Professor Henry Mintzberg is considered to be one of the leading thinkers of modern management today. A prolific writer, with over a dozen books to his name, Mintzberg specialist management topic is business strategy. However, his first book ‘The Nature of Managerial Work’ was published in 1973, coming […]

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Customer Service is the Key to Survival

It’s a tough time for businesses in the UK, and all over the world, and a good deal of focus is being placed by many on battening down the hatches by cutting costs and cutting spending across the board.

However, those businesses that are going to emerge from this economic crisis with strength and market share are those that are placing their focus on excellence in customer service.

It’s time to look at your overall customer service offering and seeing what you can do to improve it. Here are some important considerations you might want to take on board:

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BETT on Technology

Technology is now an integral part of business, and its usage can provide the backbone to implementing new skills learnt on a management training course or any kind of personal development. Last week saw the British Education and Training Technology (BETT) Exhibition at London’s Olympia centre. Its aim is to showcase a range of International […]

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The Christmas De-Motivators

It’s a funny time of year for businesses when it comes to handling their staff festivities. Everyone knows in theory that morale boosting and motivation are important in getting the best out of their employees; it’s a topic that comes up regularly on many management training courses.

However, most companies still totally get it wrong and think that a ‘Secret Santa’ and a ‘Christmas Do’ is all you should have to do to show your employees you’re making an effort, and even then it backfires.

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A Trifecta Of Customer Service Training Topics

There are three things that all customer service teams should do. They are: Be efficient If everyone was efficient as possible, there would be no need for a customer service team. However no one is perfect, and thus mistakes will happen, which the customer service team are there to solve. It is important that the […]

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Active Listening in Customer Service

Everybody’s heard of the old adage ‘the customer is always right’. However, in the ever increasingly tough environment of business today, customer care and customer relationship management is more important than ever. That’s why organisations are sending more and more of their customer service staff on soft skills training. But what are some of the […]

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Bullet Proof Your Job

There’s a lot of nervousness in the UK workplace. There may still be orders coming in and business ticking over, but senior management are always on the lookout to cut costs, and this can include staff. There is a tendency for staff (at all levels in an organisation) to adopt an ostrich strategy to potential […]

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Business gifts

Perhaps you should whisper it, but lots of sales work is all about manipulating people. One of the most effective tools of manipulation is reciprocity. In other words, I’ll do you a favour, but you owe me one. Let me give you an example. Take someone out to lunch, or even a coffee and they will feel on some level, however subconscious, that they owe you.

If you work somewhere where the customer comes to you, such as a car showroom or a furniture store, tea and coffee are often taken for granted and are there for people to help themselves. It is surprising how much more valued a can of coke or mineral water from the fridge can be, especially on a hot day.

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Career Development

Many of us fall in to the trap of working day to day and adapting to the pressures and demands that the week brings. If you’re in that position, and are feeling unfulfilled in your career, then it might be time to take a look at your personal development. A useful technique is to spend […]

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